Reasons for being

I’m writing a novel series set in Scotland and Ireland (and the Falklands!). That’s not a secret. What might be is that I get too caught up in my research*. From the Ness guga hunt and the Piper Alpha-disaster to the Shankill butchers, I’ve read about it. In depth. And that would be awfully helpful if I were ever to enter a quiz on these subjects, but for now that knowledge is just sitting there unused. So, I guess I’m here to share it with whoever decides to read this blog.


Most of the stuff I’ve been looking into is fairly recent history. Recent enough for my generation (dreaded millennials) to have either been born, or at least being planned to have been born, during. Most of it still relevant today, but hardly ever talked about anymore.

An example?

Not an example, more of a story. Can you believe that we’re living in a very peaceful time? Aye, I couldn’t either. You can’t switch on the tv on without being bombarded (scuze the pun) with news about yet another terror attack. So far in 2017, we’ve unfortunately lost 45 people (in Britain) because some asshole decided to be a **** in the name of religion. But did you also know that in 1972, 479 people lost their lives (4876 injured) just in Northern Ireland alone? Also in the name of religion. Religions most of us subscribe to, either willingly or because of where we were born. Crazy, huh?

What this blog is

  • Concise titbits of Scottish and Irish history + a lot of black humour.
  • Something I do in my -very spare- free time. I can’t guarantee daily updates.
  • Not finetuned or streamlined yet. Have some patience! I’m figuring this out as I go!

What this blog isn’t

  • Biased. If I wanted to share my agenda, I’d make a Tumblr instead.
  • Something to copy into your homework. While I do endeavour for everything to be as truthful as possible, I’d like you to check out the source material for yourself.
  • Serious. I never take myself seriously. And neither should you.

Right, that being said, first actual post to follow tomorrow. We’ll see where we go from there.




*I considered making my series a timetravel saga, just to show off how seriously I took my research. Luckily, they talked me out of it. No matter how well I handled the paradoxes in my head.

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